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Welcome to the Car Mod Club.  We are a new community for car enthusiasts who enjoy modifying cars to get the best experience from them.   Whether it’s performance or aesthetic,  we cover dope rides of all kinds.  We invite you to take part in our club, subscribe, follow on Instagram, and share your stories and car mod loves with us and the world.

 This site was founded by two car mod enthusiasts in Southern California in 2018 with the hopes to grow a new community online for like minded gear heads and fans of custom cars.  We love great car design, and the great mods that go beyond.  And, of course, driving them.

Please make sure to register an account, fill out your profile with info and pics, and post something in the forum or respond to someone who did!

 Thanks for stopping by, and check out our new store where you can support this group by purchasing merch.

– Car Mod Club