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    Morgan YarntonMorgan Yarnton

    Hi, modding community. I know that the 1.6 diesel in the Focus Mk2.5 isn’t the most popular choice for tuning, but I want to know what I can reliably get out of the engine.

    If anyone could provide me with some absolute necessities before bigger things like the turbo it’d be greatly appreciated.

    Some questions I have, since I’m new to all this, would be:
    Would an induction kit provide more negatives than gains?
    Would running a stage 2 hybrid turbo be stupid without upgrading injectors as they’re the bottleneck of the engine?
    Is there a more free-flowing exhaust I can put on a DPF diesel without nullifying MOT laws or making it sound like an angry tractor?
    What sort of torque can my clutch handle because some people say 300nm but some say it can handle over 350nm without a problem?

    All replies welcome, price is, at this point, only a thought. I’ve the 110hp version running bone stock with a brand new turbo at the moment.

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